Last Sunday, everyone was prepping for their SuperBowl Sunday Parties. DaniRae Photography was getting ready for this adorable girls’ 1st birthday smash cake session. May we say it was well worth the wait.

Mom and Dad shared the story of precious “K” tearing up her first smash cake. This was at her first birthday party just the day before. We were skeptical as many times the babes don’t love the new taste of sugar as we would hope they would. Well¬†“K” did not disappoint. It took her a moment to get used to Montoyacreative¬†and myself, but after we got acquainted she felt right at home. There was cake on the carpet, possibly cake on the walls. There was Even icing on the backdrop behind her.

What a wonderful time “K” had enjoying her 1st birthday smash cake session. Wait! Make that her second owl smash cake that her, oh so talented, grandma made her. Dad said that grandma just bakes as a hobby, but that cake was amazingly adorable and the perfect size for “K” to enjoy. The owl was perfectly decorated in her party theme colors of purple and green. What lovely color scheme. We followed that up with our simple yet elegantly fun backdrop decor.

Please enjoy the images and a small action snippet of fun that “K” had at her big shoot.