Leila is now 3 years old. We decided to take her to the snow in Santa Fe for a quick session and little play. What’s a better celebrate the beauty, and purity of childhood than to spend it frolicking in the snow? Or ice, in our case.

We decided to go after the weather had passed and we ended up with frozen snow. Leila did not care one bit. I was a hovering over her and her dad so nervous they would get hurt. #momlife Of course, they ignored me and pushed the limits of sledding and ice play. I was so stressed. However, I was still able to take 5 minutes to capture some adorable shots. Then she immediately turned into Elsa from Airendale, happy as can be. I hope that she remembers these moments of happiness one day. If not she can one day look back on them because I can’t stop capturing them with my camera. #momtog

I really feel like it was just yesterday that I was trying to figure out how to be a mom. Now she is calling me, “mama.” These words I can’t get enough of. She is so talkative already. Her intelligence surprises me everyday. Sometimes, a lot of the time, she is smarter than me. I love it, and it terrifies me all at the same time. Today my hubby called our son “baby beluga” and I realized that is what we used to call her. It struck a nerve. Time passes way too fast. We should take the time to capture it on camera, but mostly we need to remember to experience it as well. Put the phone down, put the camera down and jump in the snow along with them.

Enjoy a moment in time of my new little 3 year old.