So last weekend was my Lucas’ 6 Month Birthday Mini Session. Sunday was his half birthday. It was a shoot I have been planning for a couple months. Days leading up to birthday he stopped sleeping through the night. Needless to say Saturday morning we were exhausted. We went on a stroll to relax and let Leila get used to her new bike. That was when I realized this little man was officially cutting his first tooth. We have been saying he’s teething for what seems like 3 months already. Finally, we had proof and reasoning behind the sleepless nights. Then Sunday morning was officially time for his 6 Month Birthday Mini Session. Matt said “No one will know they weren’t taken when he was 6 months.” I will know!!! So I’m the crazy photog mom, here. We already knew this.

I made everyone push through, including my little man. The 6 month birthday session was a fast and furious version of the big plans that I had. However it was still a great success. So the grandparents make fun of me for my liking of black and white, which makes him look like he just broke the prison gates. I keep looking past it and snapping that shutter. The simplicity of these images keep the purity of babyhood in the forefront.

So I can’t believe Lucas is 6 Months already. We want to find out where all the time went. I have been there for almost every moment of his life and I still feel like it is passing me by. So in celebration of that I will add a little video link to Montoyacreative’s quick edit of his coming into the world. It was a beautiful summer day. Lucas and I were both ready. We did it together. August 12, 2016.