I was so happy to have my friend’s sister, and her wife bring in their baby to the studio for her 6 month milestone session. I love meeting more of my friends family. I get to see her cousins too.They are always as wonderful as my friends. But this little lady did not disappoint. Her sweet baby rolls go on for days and I could not wait to capture them. Baby E, on her 6 month milestone session, was a pleasure to have in my studio. She loved to smile at Montoyacreative, as all the babies do. (I’m not jealous!) But it works for me because we got some great stuff. Take a look!

I can’t wait to see her back for her cake smash session!

Looking back at this session, I realize this is why I love what I do.  Not only do I get to meet amazing people everyday. I get to learn their stories. I get to become a tradition for them. I get to see them yearly and celebrate with them on their journeys. There is nothing more humbling than getting an email or a message saying, “Its that time of year again,” or “Me again.” I honestly love it so much. I have to say that mostly happens in the fall to winter time, so it is so nice for it to happen any other time of the year. It makes it that much sweeter!