Albuquerque Baby Photographer Covid Precautions

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Being a mom myself, Albuquerque Baby Photographer Covid Precautions would have been priority on my list of finding a suitable person to handle my little ones.

Newborn photographers should have been well prepped for Covid Safety. Especially now, I keep hearing that Covid is a concern for the unvaccinated. Opinions aside, that is the case for these new babies. Covid or no Covid, they are definitely one of the most vulnerable. They have a growing immune system, and can take minimal medicine. Not even for a simple cold.

I take that to heart. But I would say I always have. I am fully vaccinated for covid and DTAP.  I am however happy to continue wearing a mask. Should my clients request it, it does not offend me. Nor do I feel that you should be uncomfortable to ask. You are the advocate for your newest addition. Be Vocal!

Even before covid, I sanitize my props and spaces before and after a shoot. I also sanitize my hands, before, during and after a shoot. Accidents happen during lengthy newborn sessions. I constantly making sure they I am sanitized and baby is safe and comfortable.

So you see covid only strengthened our ability to ensure safety in trust in our clients. For your baby’s first photoshoot you want the person you choose to be just as concerned, if not more, than you are when it comes to newborn photography safety. Be for posing, sanitizing, knowledge of infant safely in general.

I  can be all of those things for you, and I promise you will enjoy every minute of it. Don’t be surprised if you feel comfortable enough to take a nap while I capture baby’s first photos.