Albuquerque Baby Photographer | Schools Out for Summer!!!

What a year it has been. I feel like I have written some sort of blog regarding school more than a dozen times in the last year and a half. As an Albuquerque Baby Photographer | Schools Out is kind of a dream. I am almost sad because it gave my little lady something to do while at home.

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First let me start by saying, my daughter rocked virtual school. This photo to the left his of her newborn photography shoot over 7 years ago!!! I can’t believe we are here already. Her kindergarten year was cut short in person. I was so worried that she would get behind.

Boy was I wrong. She tackled each day on her own. Minimal help from me. Now I can say, she sat next to me most of the day, so I she couldn’t truly Albuquerque Baby Photographer | Schools Outslack off without me noticing. For more than a year of this there were not many days where I needed to check on her or assist.

It was pretty amazing to learn my daughter is becoming very self sufficient and confident in her capabilities. I’m a proud mama today. She excelled and challenged herself. Even during the trying days, I am thankful I was able to spend so much time with her. I truly believe she will not forget this time in her life. Even while being so young.

As an Albuquerque Baby Photographer scheduling shoots and ordering appointments became very difficult because I also had little ones her were now home instead of in preschool or elementary school. But both of my little ones were able to go with the flow. We all got through it together, as a team.

And now for Summer, Let’s Do it!

Obligatory last day of school picture for you:

Albuquerque Baby Photographer | schools out

I feel like she looks 5 years old not 10 months. I’m going to go cry now. 🙂