I absolutely love being an Albuquerque Family Portrait Photographer. There is nothing more satisfying that a family reaching out year after year. The words, “Its that time year again!” is so humbling. There are so many photographers, and so many friends with cameras these days, that I know how important it is to provide the best service to my new and returning clients. I cherish you so much.

This family is no different. I have photographing them since baby’s first photos. I have been able to see her grow. Last year she was so beautiful in her first birthday and cake smash photos.┬áThis year she turns 2. Her parents wanted her to exist in photos with her grandmothers and great grandmothers. This to me is so telling. As an Albuquerque Family Portrait Photographer, I urge and beg my family, friends, clients, to exist in photos. Why? Because the photos are not for us. They are for our little ones. She was able to take a photo where she is the fourth generation on her mothers side. How beautiful is that? I would wish for nothing more than to have a photo with my grandma and mom. So, for my daughter, this year, we took a photos with my mom. 3 generations in one photo. I know she will love it forever.

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