It seems like it has been forever since I captured an Albuquerque Fresh 48 Session. I have truly missed them. Although, in this case, it was a Fresh 5 session or less. I got to meet Baby Amelia at just hours new. What a beauty she is, as was her sister, who I had the pleasure of meeting as well. Madison was a tiny thing herself, but she was so curious and excited to meet her new best friend. The gift she received from her new sister didn’t hurt either. I can already tell she is going to be a great help to mom and dad. She was so excited to feed Amelia with the brand new pretend baby bottle she received. It was the sweetest thing.

Mom and Dad are gonna have their hands full with these two beauties, but in just meeting this wonderful family for a short time, I know there are gonna be lots of hands ready and willing to help out when needed.

Enjoy these images of brand new baby Amelia in the Albuquerque Fresh 48 Session.