As an Albuquerque New Mexico Family Photographer | Three Generations photos or more, are such a blessing to capture. This year, for Mother’s Day, I decided it was time I took my own. My Mother does not like to take photos. I cannot tell you how many times I have asked to take a photo with her and my daughter, with the response being, “I don’t think so.” Ugh! I actually am not quiet sure the reason. We can get her to take a large family photo every few years. But anything more is like pulling teeth. The last time the entire family was all together, she still declined. But at least we got these adorable shots of the grandkids.

Perhaps she doesn’t like the way she smiles. Or she doesn’t like how she feels at that time. I will never know. What I do know is how important it is to

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document TIME. I think she finally heard me in that I WANT THESE images long after she is gone. And my daughter will want them even more.

Little known fact in my family. . . I am the only girl on my dad’s side of the family out of 7 grandchildren. Now my daughter is the only girl, thus far, in the next generation of grandchildren. I love this fact, and I love that my mom can be a part of it with us. I hope one day we can not only take an Albuquerque New Mexico Family Photographer | Three Generations photo but make a it four generations. Let’s make that a long, long time from now, but you get the idea.

And just because, my mom never says yes to taking photos, I decided to throw in the little man for one with his grandma. He didn’t have his hair done. He was wearing a bright red dinosaur shirt, but I think it may very well be my favorite of the set. Because my little man loves his grandma and she loves his right back. This photo shows that. Be still my heart. I am so glad I have these!!! And now my kids will too.

So moral of this blog post: Exist in photos, it may not matter to you, but it will matter to the generations that come after you. They won’t care that you didn’t lose those extra pounds or that you haven’t gone to the hard solan recently. They will be grateful to have that moment in time that would not otherwise exist.

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