My favorite part of the photography process is the Albuquerque New Mexico Newborn Photographer Session Reveal. The crazy thing is I really never embraced this part of the process until this year.

After college I moved to Las Vegas, NV and the company I worked for there made the Reveal session part of the process. Clients knew that you would come back to the studio after 2 weeks. Then sit down and view those the photos. I was the photographer, but never really got to watch this part in action.

As I moved on to my own studio and business I went straight to just sending out the galleries. This always felt like an unfinished service to me. I never really knew why, until I decided to do my own session reveals.

Watching my clients view their images for the first time is so immensely fulfilling. I selfishly get to see how happy they are with their new memories for their home. If I send off the gallery I do not get to see this part. In fact I never know if the images are going to go on the wall or stay on their phone of computer. This thought crushes me. I sure do hope they are displayed but I know time gets away from us and then the thought of that task gets further and further away.

Albuquerque New Mexico Newborn Photographer Session Reveal is not only for me, but also for my clients. It gives me the opportunity to help in the print process. I go over your favorite selects, yes. I am also able place your orders for wall art and custom albums. This ensures that the images do not solely live on the cloud or the hard drive. Which means more to me than anyone will ever know. PRINT YOUR PHOTOS! PLEASE!!!! 🙂

And in honor of this blog post I want to show you a little bit of a recent Albuquerque New Mexico Newborn Photographer Session Reveal.

And here is my favorite photo from their Albuquerque New Mexico Newborn Photographer Session.

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