Albuquerque Newborn Photographer | Milestones, my son turned 5 years old today. My son started kindergarten this week and turned 5 years old today. I have to keep repeating it because it doesn’t seem possible. Times has passed by so fast.

albuquerque newborn photographer, rio rancho newborn photographer, santa fe newborn photographer,My daughter’s first year seemed to be a bit slower. Seems like yesterday I mustered up the energy to take my baby’s first photos. Then a few days later we took our newborn family photos. Then, like clockwork, the milestones just began to hit seemingly instantly. 3 months, 6-7 months (because who can stay on track?), 9 months ( personal favorite of mine). Then somehow was the first birthday photos. This sessions I felt like I was planning from before he was born. It came and went in the blink of an eye.

As an Albuquerque Newborn Photographer | Milestones are a bid deal. For each birthday I try to take an updated photo of my little ones. Most of the time they are simple and timeless. Then there are times when they love something so much I cannot shy away from in. This year my son was so exited for the new Space Jam Movie. We took some simple photos with the cool jersey he got.

But being the overthetop mom that I am, I decided to get a bit more creative than normal. . .

Space Jam theme photosAlbuquerque Newborn Photographer | MilestonesAlbuquerque Newborn Photographer | MilestonesAlbuquerque Newborn Photographer | Milestones