Albuquerque Newborn Photographer Safety Tips

This will help you decide who is a best fit for our baby’s first photos. After all, you new precious gift needs you as an advocate for their health and safety in all aspects and selecting a photographer should be no different.

Newborn photography is still has no safety regulations. However, it is imperative that the person you select is not only knowledgeable in photography but also in handling an infant.

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Here is an Albuquerque Newborn Photographer Safety Guide that you would want your baby photographer to follow.

Temperature: I will keep the room around 80 degrees but keep in mind that I watch for signs of overheating. (sweaty neckline, mottled skin, redness in the face, irritability.)

Clean Props and Space: My props and space are cleaned after each shoot.

Props: Props are properly weighted, and babies are never positioned in unsafe objects, like glass.

Spotters: I have hands on baby at all times. Be it myself, or I can ask my assistant or parents to  be near in case baby becomes unsettled.

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Composites: Many of my photos my look like baby is suspended or sitting up in froggy pose, but it is actually a composite image. Safety is #1 for any client, especially my littlest ones.

Feeding: I allow baby to feed, or nurse when needed during the session. We do not try to distress baby into feeling tired.

Posing: I do not try to force baby into a pose, nor wrap too tight in order to sooth. It is important to keep baby comfortable and not strain airways or blood flow to limbs.

Sanitizer: I sanitize my hands before and after as well as throughout the session to keep baby as safe from germs as possible.

I hope these tips put you at ease to choose me as your baby’s first photographer. Feel free to make an appoint for a studio tour. I would be happy to show you around.