Over the Years, as an Albuquerque Newborn Photographer | Tips For Your Newborn Session have surfaced. That tiny hand grasping your finger. That crooked little smile. The comfort of your new little miracle resting peacefully in your arms. Emotions stir as you watch your baby sleep, eat, play, and grow every day. Even though there is no way to stop time, newborn sessions were designed specifically to capture and preserve these tender moments so that you will have images to cherish for generations. We know that babies are unpredictable, but these tips will help to make sure that your newborn session goes as smoothly as possible.

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Upon booking the session we will block available times near your baby’s due date. Then we wait! The first 5-10 days are the sleepiest days for your baby’s newborn life. Please text or call as soon as you have the opportunity after birth to hold the next available appointment. The sooner the better. It gives us the best chance for a happy newborn during your session.

Supply List

This may be an obvious one, but when you’ve barely had any sleep and have been adjusting to a new schedule it’s so easy to forget the simplest of things. Don’t fret, I have plenty of diapers, wipes, burp cloths, pacifiers and a changing station. You may want to bring at least two changes of clothing that will not be used for the session. Throw in anything that your baby is familiar with and loves. You can see images of our studio space and props here.


We take majority of photos in the babies natural state and wrapped/ bundled up. DRP has growing wardrobe options and accessories to choose from as we. If you would like to, bring two or three of your favorite baby outfits that is okay too. The snugger the fit the better. We will talk about which ones are going to photograph best before your session.

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Happy Baby

A baby with a full tummy is a usually happy and content baby. Please refrain from feeding your baby for up to 2 hours before the session. You are welcome to feed/nurse them as soon as you arrive to calm them. You are welcome to feed/nurse baby as much as needed during your session. A pacifier is helpful as well even if only for the session to sooth baby. Warm and cozy wins the race! Please be aware the studio will be kept at about an 80 degree temp throughout the shoot to keep babies soothed. Feel free to dress lightly as it can get pretty warm for adults.


We like to soothe the babies with white noise. This rthymn will be playing continuously through your session.


Loosen your baby’s diaper about 30 minutes or so prior to our session. This will help to eliminate red diaper marks on your baby’s bottom and legs.

Lastly, but not least as an Albuquerque Newborn Photographer | there is a major Tips For Your Newborn Session…or note rather… Accidents happen! Please don’t be embarrassed if your baby has an accident on any of the props during the session. All blankets and props are laundered in between each session with detergent formulated for babies. This happens frequently, and is expected when working with newborns.

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