My focus is Albuquerque Newborn Photography | Doctor Vs Midwife is a fun personal story I like to tell.

If you are looking for a factual medical response, you should read this.

This one is hard for me because I always want to add Nurses to the equation. I feel like they are just as important if not more important in your quest to make a decision, but I am pretty sure you don’t get to choose those.

With my first born, I insisted on having a doctor deliver and making sure I was at the hospital. How am I supposed to know if anything would go wrong, and if it did I wanted to make sure I was already at the hospital for immediate care to me or my newest

albuquerque newborn photographer, rio rancho newborn photographer, santa fe newborn photographer,little one. The entry to the hospital, if you follow my blog, you know that it was not a welcome one. More of a deflating, birth plan out the window internal type of failure.

I felt like upon entering the building the staff was not ready to wait my 22 hours it took for labor. They wanted me to get the epidural and not bother them. I know that is over exaggerating but with hormones raging that was all I felt. Now I will say that the nurses in my delivery room were a little better on helping me through it. The doctor came in the last 10-15 minutes, maybe. He arrived at 1:50 am to catch that baby and was out by 2:15 am.

However in in that tiny amount of time, he was the best cheerleader I had on staff that day. I honestly was so happy he was there in those moments. My little one had to go to the NICU for a little care, and I waited what seemed like forever to move to a new room and finally hold and feed my baby.

I say these things because upon labor and deliver classes, books, etc there are not many mentions of what may happen that is not according the plan. Everything is not according to plan, so why is there such a stringent play by play of the plan?

With my second baby, I had a scheduled induction. However, when I walked in the amazing actually asked me my birth plan. I replied skeptical that I could have the baby naturally since I was unable to do it the first time, but that that was what I wanted. And their

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response was, you can do it. If that is what you want we will help you get there. A few hours in I am holding strong, and my midwife, or midwife comes in to check on me.


What? A Midwife? But I am at the hospital, where is my doctor. Apparently, I did not do my homework because the doctors do not deliver unless they are needed. Well too late now. Especially because she said I was ready to deliver very soon. She stayed with me throughout the walking, cradling over, water bath, walking, bouncy balling, you name it. She cheered me on, she gave me strength, and power I didn’t even know I had. I had never met this woman in my life. And guess what, I did it.

So as an Albuquerque Newborn Photography | Doctor Vs Midwife, looking back with this information that I know now, I would hands down go with a midwife, especially if it was at a hospital. LOL.