DaniRae Photography had the honor of combining two of our favorite things last month; babies and baseball. DaniRae Photography able to capture a baseball gender reveal in Rio Rancho, NM. If you have followed us from the beginning you would remember our families first gender reveal video:  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/306807793335418137/ .

I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to capture another baseball gender reveal to the most beautiful family. The mama is was glowing and so anxious to find out what they are going to have. I can’t believe they were able to wait 5 weeks  holding on the answer in an envelope without opening it. They gave us the honor of finding out first so we could select the correct color of silly string to hand to their guest. How I didn’t give it away, I will never know. I was a bag of nerves! I was listening to all of their hopes of the genders and reasoning behind them, thinking is my face giving it away?!!!

When the time came Montoyacreative and I had 2 iphones running in slow mo. 1 GoPro, and our 2 camera angles to capture the big moment. We were not going to miss it! Please take the time to watch the magic unfold. It was such a beautiful moment between mom and dad. I will never forget it.