Last month we were able photograph our first Belen Highschool Senior 2021. Let me make that the first Belen Highschool Senior. What a privilege it was to be requested to travel and take these momentous photographs for this young man. And what a privilege it was to be able to have access to their football field. Not only that but there was brand new turf. Sadly this year is not what everyone had hoped for their seniors and these football players have yet to step foot on this new field. Here’s to hoping Belen Highschool Senior 2021 class still has the opportunity to do so before the year end.

He was not really loving the idea of senior photos, but was up for whatever I asked him to EXCEPT smile with his teeth. Normally I refuse to take no for an answer but he nailed the side smile!

Not only did we get to photograph him on the football field but we jumped to the baseball field after and I LOVE BASEBALL. I had the most amazing time. My creative juices were flowing. I love what we came up with. Montoyacreative and I were on fire! We took at least 20 minutes of the session just trying to get the best DIRT shot flying through the images. All while he was trying to toss a baseball in the air, catch it and keep a straight face. Poor guy had to do this at least 20 times. SORRY! And just when we thought we got the one we wanted, we decided to keep trying for another good one, just for good measure. WHY NOT? And he still did not complain. What more could I ask for!

Thanks to this Senior for putting up with our crazy ideas

Happy Senior Year to all the Belen Highschool Senior 2021 students!