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Spring Family Photo Session

A wonderful outdoor Spring Family Photo Session occurred on our Easter vacation. Seems my sister and brother in law needed their first professional family photo as a family of 5. I took the reins and found a beautiful spot just outside their home. This location just outside of Las Vegas, NM was so beautiful. It was my first visit to the area and I am in awe. This was the dreamiest location as a photographer. The morning light was on point. The surrounding foliage was insane and mountainous views were stunning. What a place to live!

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Valentines Day Studio Mini Session

I have the day after Valentines Day Blues! What a wonderful day it was. I want to relive the sweetness that we as parents now enjoy. My hubby and I would plan elaborate surprises and gifts just a few years back. And now we focus our energy on our surprising our little ones. I am not even sure that Leila really knew what yesterday was about other than candy and gifts. It was Halloween without the costumes for her. Which I am pretty sure she got sick off of all the sweets she ate. Mom Fail. I learned my lesson.

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3 year old Santa Fe Snow Session

Leila is now 3 years old so we decided to take her to the snow in Santa Fe for a quick session and little play. Is there a better way to celebrate the simplicity, beauty, and purity of childhood than to spend it frolicking in the snow? or ice, in our case. We decided to go after the weather had passed and we ended up with frozen snow.

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