Rio Rancho Baby Photographer

He said it would never happen, but three months in and she’s a daddy’s girl! My whole life summed up in one photo.

Update: I came by this photo, today, over a year later than it was taken, and I am still smitten with these two. It makes me sad that my little lady is not this tiny any more. Her hair is different, her smile is different, and how much I we should could still fit into that adorable romper. But one thing that has not changed for a second is the smile on her daddy’s face when he thinks of her, and the love she has for him. It makes me jealous pretty often when he runs to him and not to me, but I think I am okay with that for now. One day she will be a young woman, and hopefully she will need her mama to get through the tough times. She’s my little lady and I will always be here for her.

So take lot of photos parents!!! And please print them out, even if they are on your phone. You do not want to regret it later. Print your images!!!


3 month leila