I love a childs first cake smash for their first birthday. I actually believe it better to have already had them taste what cake is like before they start into the cake smash session. I feel like it helps the parents expectations of the session will be like. For some, babies just do not like sweets yet. So the parents will not be surprised if they have to get a little dirty during the session to make the cake look a bit more “eaten”. And for some, the parents come in knowing that their little one is going to devour that cake. Both takes on this session are just as fun, I think. The first cake Smash is such a fun session. The personality of your little one will shine. Are they dainty? and do not like to get sticky and dirty? Or are they not afraid to dive in, make a mess? Perhaps they just love cake and take their time savoring every bite without anyone telling them to stop! I wish I could do that, now. HAHA.

I was so excited to hear that our beautiful newborn butterfly from last year was coming back for your first birthday!!! Well this little lady was a Blessing. 🙂 She LOVES Cake. She had such a fun time, playing, but mostly enjoying CAKE. She tasted it, she ate it, she smashed it, she shook it. It was amazing. See for yourself.