Fourth of July Canyon Family Session. Today is the first day of my favorite season, of my favorite month, of my favorite time of year. To celebrate I am posting my own family’s session. This is the Fourth of July Canyon Family Session. I hadn’t been back to this location since the first year back living in New Mexico. The spot was not as vibrant as I had remembered, and so much more busy with foot traffic (Thanks Covid) but it was still wonderful to see. And to show it off to my little ones too. We actually shot my oldest brothers elopement at Fourth of July Canyon 5 years ago, in October. I should have come back much sooner. And am willing to go back next year and shoot more families here. Let me know if you want to join us!

The shoot was fast and furious as usual when you take your own photos. (Every year we say we are not going to do it, but here were are again.) Nonetheless we did it and we got one we loved, and what more can you ask for. I even had two little assistance so me and my hubby could take our own couple photos. The family shoots are getting more fun each year.

Take a look!