I call my last session a Friends and Family Session because the family taking the photos included her closest friend, who pretty much might as well be part of the family. They have been BFFs MUCH longer than I have known them, and they are still inseparable. The kids love her like an aunt, and she adores them right back. Now Mom has a wonderful new lady in her life and they are all just one big happy friends and family!!! My heart was exploding with all the love. Such a blessing to watch this team together.

Even more-so, little brother was the only one out of the three to get upset throughout the whole session. The reason why, you ask? Because he wanted to be holding his brother and sister in the picture. If that is not the sweetest thing, I don’t know what is! The siblings seemed like best friends to me. What more can you ask for? This Friends and Family Session was a great one to have right before Christmas Break.