DaniRae Photography Gender Reveal- Red or Green video

With so much anticipation the DaniRae Photography family is happy to share a gender reveal video of our newest addition growing in my belly. We wanted to have different take than the gender reveals than currently trending today. Again we decided to celebrate moving back to the Land of Enchantment. We chose not to use the typical “pink or blue” scenario. Instead we decided on using New Mexico’s most popular question: Red or Green?

MontoyaCreative and DaniRae Photography just having some fun as usual! We decided to get our little one involved too. It took some bribing with candy and cartoons, but we made it happen.

Leila is still getting used the idea that there is baby in mama’s belly. At this point I don’t think she believes it will ever come out. So it is still a fun idea for her. I’ll update that situation once baby Montoya arrives in August. Something tells me it is gonna take a lot of adjusting on everyones part.

During the actual ultrasound we thought we should bring our little one along to find out the big news with us and get it on video like we did for her. Well after 30 minutes in the waiting room and then mama sitting on a doctor table in the dark it may have been a bit too much for her. She either thought she had to take a nap or mama was going to have to get surgery. Not sure which one, but either way it was a bad decision on our part. So the actual video of us find out did not make the cut.

Now, without further adieu, enjoy the Gender Reveal- Red or Green.

Red or Green 2016 from Matt Montoya on Vimeo.