Belly Baby the Magazine, holiday 2021 edition

I am so elated to say, that during my Holiday break I became a Holiday Magazine Published photographer. I rarely submit my photos to contests or publications. Mostly because, like most people, I have imposter syndrome. I convince myself my images are not good enough before I even attempt to submit.

For some reason, when Ana Brandt said it was last call for submissions to her Holiday magazine, I just reacted and submitted. I believe I submitted for a maternity editions in 2014 or 2015. I only know that because I can count on one hand how many times I have done this. Never in a million years did I think my image would be selected.

Just before the Christmas I received an email notification to check spelling on my name for my image. It seemed like just a mass email that I was lumped in with since I did, in fact, submit images. I don’t remembered what triggered the realization that I was included in the magazine, but I was so taken aback. I am officially a published photographer. And not only that but was selected from over 200 photographer submissions for non other than Ana Brandt’s Holiday Magazine 2021 edition.

And here I say, I know my single image is no where near the level of many of the other 60+ photographers that were included. But I can say that this has lit a fire in me that I will leap more in 2022. To put it as plainly as Ana Brandt, “I can, I will, end of story!”

Here is this little man’s full session.

Here is the image that made me a Holiday Magazine Published Photographer:

Santa Fe Newborn Photographer, Holiday Magazine Published Photographer