Showing off a special high school senior Class of 2014- Congrats Joey!!!

This gentleman right here is my cousin’s son. I cannot even believe that I took these photos already. When HE was a baby I had no idea that I was going to be a photographer yet. I am not sure I had even picked up a camera yet. But today I am proud to be a photographer, and proud to have had the opportunity to take these photos for my family.

That goes for any part of my family. I think everyone has a photographer in the family. And I am happy to be that person for mine. I just feel that it is so important to document your life. If you have someone that can help you do that embrace it. Days go by too fast. Take photos, print your images. Enjoy life as it happens but don’t forget to stop and document it too. Enjoy what the printed images can do for the memories you already have. It sparks or enhances the memories, the feeling of the time or the day. Print your images!


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