Karsyn’s Fresh 48

 In Hospital Session, Newborn

What a beautiful day it was for Karsyn’s Fresh 48 Session. Poor mama waited as long as she could for baby Karsyn, but she ended up needing a little help just like her big brother and big sister. Mom and Dad were hoping for a speedy, process after walking to check in at the hospital, but Karsyn still took her time. Shew as coming when she was ready and that was all there was too it.

Big Brother and Big Sister couldn’t wait for me to get there to see her. I understood though, she was just too wonderful too wait any longer. We still got some adorable images of their second meeting though. Too precious for words. I know these kids are the new three musketeers. a new bond was created. I can’t wait to watch them grow together.

If you want to see big brother’s Fresh 48, look no further. Here they are!

Party of 5!


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