We grabbed this LCHS 2021 Senior shoot just in time. The shutdown was the following week. I was so excited for this session. We had been planning this for a few months. All fell into place on the last days. The senior had her heart set on the pecan orchards. We reached out to Stahmanns Farms and they were so wonderful and accommodating. The couple that helped us on their day off, even drove us to the field which offered the best light. I was so pleased with Sally and her husband. I can’t thank them enough for their help and consideration. My senior glowed in this location too. It was a great start to a wonderful evening of photos. We then moved to Old Town Mesilla Mom had some eyed locations to shoot at, as well as myself and my senior, so we were on a whirlwind session. Then we finished at her soon to be alma mater. We came to the same place when she started here first year here as a freshman. Can’t believe how fast that went by. She is a LCHS 2021 Senior in the time of Covid. A wonderful cheerleader. Celebrating the most exciting year of high school on the sidelines with the rest of the world. Our hope is that this pandemic is gone soon and she can shine bright again doing the thing she loves.