Lemon First Birthday Cake Smash theme for this little lady, it is! Mama has been planning the cutest theme for Ivy’s first birthday. Lemons it is! And where there is Lemons there is Lemonade. Of Course We were happy to oblige and create the cutest smash cake session for sweet little Ivy.

Ivy’s Dad made the best Lemonade stand I have ever seen. It was the perfect centerpiece for her first birthday cake smash session. Not to mention baby Ivy will have this exquisite stand as she grows up and wants to pretend play and even make her first lemonade sale. What a wonderful memory for all of them.

I was so happy to a part of this wonderful milestone in Ivy’s life. I will forever love lemons and lemonade because of this sweet girl.

Poor little Ivy was not taking a liking to me or Montoyacreative at all. Mom and Dad did their very best to make her feel comfortable in this new crazy, flashy space she was in. We were all friends when we were just hanging out and getting to know each other, but once the camera was lifted little Ivy was ┬ánot so sure about what was happening. I am certain Mom and Dad are right in that Ivy was a smiley, happy baby most of the time. We happened to book the session at her bedtime. She gave us all she had. Even more crazy, she hasn’t shown her love for sugar yet. Hence the lemons! Can was not her thing. The only thing she wanted were the sour lemons. And happy she was with them.

With all that being said we still got some amazing images from the Lemon First Birthday Cake Smash Session.

You Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself! They don’t get any cuter than this…