A long awaited share on our blog has finally come. Camden has turned one! He celebrated with a Lumberjack Cake Smash Session.

We had such a wonderful time in the studio with this little man. He was such a joy, and boy does he love clapping! That smile filled the room with so much happiness.

And lets talk about that decor…seriously?! His mama loves all things themed and boy does she know how to stylize. An adorable lumberjack, bear themed shoot and 1st birthday party. How adorable! The banner was made by yours truly but only after she gave me the idea. The rest are mamas hints of detail.¬†What a darling turnout, right? Those suspenders, though.

Take a look at the newest one year old.



Yumm … Cake!!!



I don’t think I like cake…



Nope… I’m pretty sure I don’t like cake.




Ooh Balloons!…


Oh I like balloons !!!