Albuquerque Maternity Photographer
Thought I would share our family maternity session with our fans. It was tough one as subjects and photogs. We are hoping Leila will go easy on us when she arrives for her newborn photos!!!
There was a lot to take consideration of when doing your own maternity portraits. As an Albuquerque Maternity Photographer I normally watch that the clothing is flattering to the new mama. Make sure hands and feet are posed looking natural. Details  of the hair and accessories are watched like a hawk.
But as the photographer and subject all I could think about was, can I get up after I take this photo. So all of these images were a surprise until they reached our computer at home. My poor hubby clicked the timer and ran for to jump in on each image. On some you can see the exhaustion on his face. Way to take one for the team babe.
All in all it was as successful as I feel self portraits can be for a maternity session. One day I am actually going to listen to myself and go to another fellow photographer to avoid the stresses of taking your own images. ONE DAY!

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