mothers day mailing list giveaway

Can you believe it is already time to start talking about the Mothers Day Mailing List Giveaway? I cannot believe we are already almost into March, or even Spring, for that matter. I like to prep my clients for Mothers Day because it such a busy time for my business as well as most businesses.

Everyone wants to take care of their special Mother or Mother figure in their lives. So planning to book the sessions ahead of time, or purchasing a gift certificate, or surprising her altogether will photos of the family as a gift, all takes forethought. So here is your reminder to plan early.

For me I have so many Mothers that are such wonderful models of what love and nurturing can look like. Last year I made it a point to do a photo session with my special mama, and my daughter. My Mother, like most, hates taking photos of herself. I know, however, that I and my daughter will cherish this 3 generations photo for years and years to come. My mom expressed, after she saw them, how happy she was that these were taken.

Not many know this, but on my dad’s side of the family, for at least 4 generations there has only been 1 daughter for all of the siblings. This is a fun fact that I love. Mostly because I an an only girl and so is my little girl. Kind of neat.

Mothers Day is May 8th, 2022

So not only is this a reminder, but I thought I would add an easy Mothers Day Mailing List Giveaway. Being that I love building on my 1:1 correspondence with my clients and the mailing list, I decided that I would giveaway a Mother’s Day session in my studio for anyone who has signed up to receive my newsletters. For those that are already apart of the newsletter mailing list, GOOD NEWS, you have been entered. Starting now until Mother’s Day anyone can sign up for the mailing list and will be entered into the giveaway too! You can subscribe on my home page or go straight to the newsletter sign up form.

This session can be for you. You can gift it to your favorite Mama, who deserves it. It can be for a family session, or even a solo session for that mama to be in the spotlight that she deserves!

Good luck to all of my subscribers!