August is #nationalbreastfeedingmonth. I would also like to follow up with #fedisbest. The image below is a beautiful moment while nursing my first born. My second born hasn’t gotten a nursing session just yet. But I better hurry because he is weaning himself quicker than I would like to agree to.

I just wanted to say that with both of my little ones nursing was not an easy task. Each had their own very different challenges. The stresses that came along with trying to get to through that first year. The stress of pumping while at work, or feedings while working from home. Worrying about supply constantly. With each one at some point I had to let go and decide there is nothing wrong with formula. On and off throughout their first year. #fedisbest My second born, Lucas, is coming up on his first birthday and I am sad to say will probably be our last baby. So giving up nursing has been so hard on me. I now only feed him at night, and I am not even sure if he is getting any milk. I just have a few more days to make it to the 1 year goal I set for us. Formula is what he now eats consistently and he is just fine with that.

The bonds we create with our little ones is so powerful while nursing, but it is not the only way. My husband is so close with our daughter, for instance, and he hasn’t nursed a day in his life. 🙂 Enjoy them while they’re little, because they are only little for a little while.

One week away from Lucas’ first birthday and I still remember capturing his newborn photography session in our Rio Rancho studio. Why can’t time stand still.

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