Baby Lucas First Birthday Party Theme is I’m ONE Happy Camper. This Albuquerque Photographer can’t come to terms with time passing so quickly.

I can’t believe it, but our Baby Lucas is turning 1 year old in two weeks.  I’m in denial. This past year seemed like it went so much faster that our first born’s first year. I felt like I planned for 3 months for the first birthday party. With Lucas maybe I have actually been putting in time the last month. However the idea has been in my mind since his newborn shoot.

“I’m ONE Happy Camper” is the theme. Because what’s a first birthday with out a theme? Am I right? Parties these days are so overdone. Each party I have I keep saying I won’t go over board. Yeah right! This one is no different. My poor husband and bank account. The adorable teepee is from Hobby Lobby along with the bottle opener. The lantern is from Michaels.

You get a sneak peak at the party invite images. These set the base for the party. And soon I will post the cake smash. Stand by!