I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to have my portraits finally up on the walls of our new home. And take a look at, what I like to call, MY LIFE WALL. It makes my heart skip a beat just by looking at it. I can hardly wait to add to it and watch it grow as time passes.


IMG_3647 2

It is beyond important to print your images. Tangible copies of your memories. You won’t realize the severity of it until it is too late. In todays day and age we take pictures on our phones every chance we get. What do we do with those? We keep them on our phone until the phone dies and with that the images, because we never take the time to print them. All of our memories live in the cloud. In 30 years your children won’t have your cloud, they will only have theirs. But if you took the time to print your most memorable moments now they can have them later. Or say you keep them on an external hard drive, SMART! but that too can have deteriorating effects after many years, or in an instant be gone with a spill of coffee.

I have minimal images of my grandparents in which I can’t turn back the time to take more. I’m hoping to not make the same mistake with my parents, even though they hate photos. And you better believe my life wall will be filled with┬átangle images of my beautiful child and possible future children. These newborn photographs and family photographs that I took of our little family are my most precious materials. The black stand out mounts just give them a little something extra, don’t you think.

Print them now, remember them later.

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