Rio Rancho Albuquerque Valentines Day Mini Session Season is upon us. I cannot help but share the sweetest Valentine that has blessed my studio this year. Biased I may be, but he is just the cutest mini gentlemen I have ever seen.

I was laying down last month thinking of some ideas for Lucas’ 6 month photos. Then it hit me that Valentines Day was actually before that. I almost missed it! For some reason I have been pulled into a more simple look to my imagery lately. I am loving it, so I decided to make Lucas a subtle Valentine as well.

Adorable doesn’t begin to describe my little man in his first Valentines Day photos. This was only a 10 minutes session because a 5 month hold will not give us much more than that. But he sure this work the camera on this one. And in case you think that is adorable smile is for MOM, he is actually staring at Dada! But I know who his heart belongs to 🙂

Oh yeah, I almost forgot… Don’t wait to schedule your Rio Rancho Albuquerque Valentines Day Mini Session. February 14th will be here before you know it.