DaniRae Photography is a Rio Rancho Children Photographer. My clients enjoy coming to me for  maternity sessions and newborn sessions, but what happens after that? The babies grow up into big kids. Guess What, DaniRae Photography can take those photos too. We take portrait photography as well, kids and families.

Its True! DaniRae Photography is a Rio Rancho Children Photographer and the Albuquerque Metro as well.

When my dear friend came to me and asked if I could take photos of her daughter, I jumped at the chance. Little did I know that she wanted me to help surprise her husband with a 10 year anniversary gift. She had her daughter wear her wedding dress for the session.

Beautiful Kass did so wonderful. She felt like a princess. She even said it herself, and she also said the most heartwarming thing that I will never forget. “Oh look at me, I’m so pretty!” This moment is what makes my job worth while.

Every girl deserves to see their beauty the way we do. Our daughters are beautiful, but we can only hope they feel that themselves. When I heard the excitement in Kass’ voice I wanted to cry. What a beautiful moment for her, but more a blessing me too. She is so pretty, inside and out.

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