I am a Rio Rancho New Mexico Children Photographer. Somehow I forgot to blog my little Leila turn 7 years old. Not sure where the time has gone in the last year. The Covid Pandemic has hit and past the year mark. Each day at home seems to get longer and more monotonous. Yet the year went by so fast. I can’t believe my daughter is 7 years old and some change at this point.

Covid played the main character in our script for 2020. It felt like we have embraced the good that has come. I know that is hard to hear, especially with so much tragedy. Thankfully to date, we haven’t been hit too close to home yet. Someone so far we have been one of the lucky ones. However, watching from the outside looking in, I can only be thankful for we we do have.

With staying home, working and schooling and living life at home has been hard at times. But it has also been so rewarding. Leila finished her first year of elementary school virtually. Thankfully she was able to grasp the main components of learning at school before she started at home. Leila took the challenges in stride. She is a master at computers and now schools me when I am in a google meet meeting. Ha!

First grade for her started virtually, continued and will end that way. With this virtually year, I was able to watch her excel and grown as a student and a child.

Leila become such an amazing big sister. She is able to watch me do my day job and hustle at this dream of mine. Which I believe will benefit her through the years. I have become so proud of this little woman. My girl is fierce and strong. 🙂

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