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One of the things I will always regret with my first born is not having a photographer capture the first hours in the hospital. As a photographer myself as well as my hubby, I think we thought we could take care of it ourselves. Well I didn’t realize how exhausted I would be and the lack of beauty I would feel. I remember not wanting photos because I felt so underwhelming to myself in the mirror. Now I only have a couple images of me and my little girl during our first hours. I wish I could go back, because today I want those photos so bad.  I now know I do not care how I looked. After time passed, I realized I wanted to capture that special time for other families. It is so precious and fleeting.

I was able to do so for this beautiful family. A Rio Rancho Newborn Hospital Session. The first one I was able to do since moving to New Mexico, and it was perfect. Mom and Dad waited for their first born to meet her new little brother until I was there to capture that special moment. The wonder and excitement in this new big sisters eyes as she raced to see her mom and new baby brother, down the hall to the quiet room, was breath taking.  An intimate moment they will never forget. They has so many thoughts and gentle kisses. I am hooked on this new style of photography and can’t wait to capture more organic moments like these.

I’ll be sure to hire a photog for our next little one’s coming into the world, because I want these images for my self as well. If you want them too, contact me today so we can discuss further. I will be giving a special discount for hospital sessions if a newborn session is booked as well, for a limited time.  Contact me today!


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