Rio Rancho Newborn | Leila

In honor of our beautiful Rio Rancho Newborn Leila‘s 4 weeks on this earth with us… here are her newborn photos…

Can I just say taking newborn images in general takes a whole lot of patience and understanding of what a brand new baby is going through. But when you are a photography crazy enough to try and take your own babies newborn photos well it is a whole different kinda game plan. Let me just say I didn’t realize how labo r can take a toll on a body. So much more respect for new mommies coming to me right after that process! Not only was I exhausted and still feeling the reminance of labor but my poor little lady didn’t realize her mama was a perfectionist. Needless to say I decided to have a session 2 when day one didn’t go as planned. We both needed a break, step away and start again. So new mommas it’s okay if we need a Day 2 to your session, I totally get it!!!

So check it out, Rio Rancho Newborn Leila . . .

Rio Rancho Newborn Photography | Leila

Rio Rancho Newborn Photography Leila

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