Another Valentines Day Studio mini session is on the blog.

I have the day after Valentines Day Blues! What a wonderful day it was. I want to relive the sweetness that we as parents now enjoy. My hubby and I would plan elaborate surprises and gifts just a few years back. And now we focus our energy on our surprising our little ones. I am not even sure that Leila really knew what yesterday was about other than candy and gifts. It was Halloween without the costumes for her. Which I am pretty sure she got sick off of all the sweets she ate. Mom Fail. I learned my lesson.

Anyways, I have decided to keep Valentines Day in full effect by sharing another Valentines Day Studio Mini Session. Little “E” came to visit us last weekend. She was fast and furious with the smiles and wardrobe changes. E came to visit all the way from Las Cruces, NM for her special shoot. She took a liking to Montoyacreative, so we just kept using him for the sweet smiles. Daddy may have been a little jealous the kisses were being blown in another direction. 🙁 What a doll she was. And what a pleasure it was to finally meet her. Hopefully she will be back for another mini session in the future.

Enjoy all the feels with this Valentines Day mini Session.