Last night we completed Lucas’ ONE Happy Camper Smash Cake first birthday session. This Rio Rancho Baby Photographer suffers from expectations versus reality.

It is well known that photographers have trouble taking photos of their own families. Ugh, lets add spending hours creating a special cake to go with that session and then having your nearly 1 year old want nothing to do with it. Oh, it hurt really bad. I had to dig deep not to fret about it. But you couldn’t tell from these images that he cried in terror most of the time. But I have accepted that this will be the story that goes along with his images. He would rather eat the cookies on top of the cake, than cake itself. You can find this awesome cake recipe here. When he finally started to get interested in the cake it was in the candy fire on top. Which, safety note, we did not let him eat. This only made him more angry, to say the least.

Well hopefully this introduction to sugar will help at his party and he will dig right in. Wishful thinking! Enjoy these stinking cute images from Lucas’ First Birthday Milestone Session, in the ONE Happy Camper Smash Cake Theme.