WARNING: This post includes boudoir/nude imagery… Maternity Session 37-38 weeks pregnant

Our little man is days away from making his debut in this world. I realized I did not take all the maternity images I planned to from the beginning. Time passed us by so much more quickly with a toddler along for the ride this time around.

At 37-38 weeks MontoyaCreative and I collaborated on our maternity photos. I COULD NOT have taken them without him. Like many other people, I planned to go to a professional photographer. We waited too long to bite the bullet. But I am so happy with the images we took. Though, let me just say, photographing yourself can be so difficult and stressful. Matt is the reason these came to fruition and I am so thankful I have a husband that can put up with my need to make photos a priority. I didn’t get all my ideas snapped with a camera, but I got enough to feel like I documented this pregnancy. So now our Man Cub is free to enter the world!

We captured images in our little Man Cub’s new nursery, we kept up the 3 month interval of the grey tutu at the window, we took the family for a photoshoot at the Alameda Open space (favorite location), then we went a step further and captured some boudoir images; milk bath photos and tasteful nudes.

What I have learned: if I try to encourage my clients to step out of their comfort zone and embrace the beauty of their bodies during this amazing point in their life then I need to have been in those shoes as well. I accept my body the way that it is in its current state. I accept that it will never be what it was when I was 20. That’s okay. I am growing a tiny little human inside of me and I want to remember what I looked like when this amazing experience occurred.

Let me just say that I am so happy that I made that choice. It is not for everyone, I can understand that. But if you are wondering whether you may want to try these as well, please contact me. I would love to meet with you and discuss how we can stylize your maternity boudoir session. The milk bath was a favorite of mine!!!

So please feel free to scroll to the bottom to view those images if you wish to see them. If you are not comfortable with seeing this style of imagery you are safe to stop scrolling when there is negative space to avoid them. 

I think there is nothing more to say but, enjoy and come and join us Lucas!!! We are ready now. 🙂

























































































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